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  • You want to increase the value of your professional communication

  • You want to improve your networking skills

  • You need to communicate between different levels in the company

  • You are involved in developing communication policy

  • You know that communication between functions is crucial, but you do not understand how you can contribute to it personally.

  • You work for an international organization where the communication switches from Russian to English and back.

  • You need to master your cross-functional communication skills in order to move along the career ladder.

  • There are no limits to mastery.

  • Come to train and master you presentation skills for creating capturing, memorable and effective product.

  • Suggested communication, visual and body language techniques will back you up to achieve it.

  • You will practice a wide range of state-of-the-art presentation ploys and learn from best practices.

  • Communication channels and functions in the company. Professional relationships and communication flows. Building different networks for different functions and purposes

  • Case of effective meetings. Creative meetings. The process and the impact of those

  • Keys to building powerful listening skills. Types of listeners

  • Social aspects of building communication blocks inside the company

  • Developing communication through information network

  • Neiro-linguistic aspects of manager’s communication. Who’s got the monkey?

  • Communication in formal and informal teams. Understanding and managing team behavior. How can conflict benefit teams? Avoiding groupthink and reaching group decisions effectively

  • The team of talented managers – fight effect and the ways to achieve strategic aims quickly and efficiently

  • The checklist for a corporate communication Machiavelli

  • Some research consistently shows that teams underperform despite all their extra resources. How can you improve it in your organization?

  • “Technical proficiency has never been enough for professionals to grow beyond the staff level” Where do you stand?

  • Does the time spent on active listening vary within functions and levels in your organization?

  • Interactive mini-lectures

  • benchmarking

  • best practice case-based activities

  • cross-functional business games

  • integrative activities

  • strategic and functional deployment practices

  • team-based performance and presentation

  • role modelling

  • grouping and mingling

  • Intensive format for groups (6-12 people): 2 full days in a row + post training guidance

  • Prolonged format for groups (6-12 people): 2 separate days + distance learning tasks between training days

  • Individual format: 8 contact hours + on-line communication+ guided tasks


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